O QUE O MUNDO PRECISA É DE UMA DEUSA [What the world needs is a Goddess]

© Inês Sambas


Paradise and sex as metaphors will always be a good starting point for any artistic creation.

Could sex be a weapon?

Love and war, two endless battles with no winners in sight. This is an old question that has plagued the human mind for centuries and with no end in sight, it will continue to disturb us for a long time without answers or certainties.

What the World Needs is a Goddess or the Ilha dos Amores (Island of Loves) was inspired by the work of the classical Greek author Aristophanes, Lysistrata, from 411 BC.

We invited João Garcia Miguel to write a completely new text based on this classic work, adapted to the present day and addressing the same issues that Lysistrata deals with: LOVE AND WAR. 2500 years apart, they remain two very topical themes.

We present a show in the form of a comedy that uses black humor. Sometimes you’ll feel like crying, because everything is uncertain and everything can change from one moment to the next.

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