Alma D’Arame, since 2006.

We are actively engaged in the cultural and artistic heritage of Montemor-o-Novo and
throughout Portugal. We fervently believe in the essence underlying this project: animating “wired souls” (alma de arame). For the past 13 years, we have worked with many invited artists and companies from a variety of artistic backgrounds who have collaborated in Alma d’Arame projects.
Along our journey, we have always endeavoured to reach different audiences and perform on different stages. Our intense collaborative work with cultural and educational organisations in Montemor-o-Novo allows us to develop local projects aimed at contributing to the development of educational and cultural agents and thereby extending the effects of our work in the future.
But our focus is not only on creation and cultural programming: Art has an undeniable potential
to engage with the many sectors of society and at Alma d’Arme our key pillars are education, inclusion and mental health. We develop these areas using an interdisciplinary approach, implementing programmes and projects that we create – with state, municipal and other funding.
We strive to enhance the heritage of the traditional puppet and promote contemporary puppetry. We are audacious in our approaches and creations. Our shows seek to bring the different forms and approaches used in puppetry and object manipulation to all audiences, from the traditional to the most modern and technological techniques. This goal has driven us since our journey began. This approach enables us to establish a connection between what appears to be hopelessly detached, demonstrating that creativity has no limits.
Attracting new audiences in outlying areas of major programming routes has us engaging with rural and periphery environments. We have also been hosting the International Puppets Meeting since 2008, and the Traditional Puppets Meeting since 2015. These are two of the major events our cultural association holds and, each year, we try to exceed expectations and offer an increasingly original programme.

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