O FIM DO FIM [The End of the End]

Alma d’Arame and C.ª João Garcia Miguel


The End of the End or the voids that never stop growing.

Making art is creating objects contaminated by utopias, passages to dreamt up places that for a fleeting moment take us to a place shared by many. To make contaminating art, thought infects and produces illusion from dreams. Dreams that are revolving doors that move that which is established within us. That which is established and moves can be vanity, a statue on a pedestal or a simple question. They are invisible forces that the artist brings with him to the stage and beneath the light and the gaze of others. They are invisible forces that move within the audience and which impel us with their limpid gazes and rapid breath. Whether the stage is a book, a guitar or a rock from which art blossoms, it is dreamt up, distant, out of reach. A utopia in motion.

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Making art is creating objects contaminated by utopias.

norbert wiener in Cibernétic and Society, The Human Use of Human Beings (1954) 

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