Co-founder and Artistic Director of Alma d’Arame, Amândio is also currently the President of the Association. He is also a creator, set designer, puppeteer, puppet and object maker, and sound and lighting designer. Amândio’s artistic approach is to deconstruct to then construct, to build bridges, and to combine different languages to shape them into another language. In his creations, the concept of “puppet” is deconstructed and expanded, embodying a universal concept that embraces and explains other concepts in an apparently simple way. He started his career working with the traditional puppet in shows for children, but has now severed ties with that concept and focuses on transdisciplinary modern puppetry for all audiences. He not only manipulates puppets, but objects, lights, sound and images, using a simple, yet powerful artistic approach. The narrative goes beyond the use of words. Sound and lighting are infused with the plastic arts and gain a presence that is equally as prominent as object manipulation.
Professionally, Amândio has worked with Companhia de Teatro de Marionetas de Lisboa as puppet designer and maker, set designer, prop master, lighting and sound designer and technician (between 1998 and 2005), and has collaborated with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and with Companhia de Teatro de Almada as set designer, prop master and puppet and mask designer.